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Item Added: 04-06-2010Post Tour Interview

q. How are you feeling with things after your first ever tour?

a. I don’t think it could have gone better, that is how good it’s been! From the songs, to the band, and never forgetting the great support that I have had each night from those who have come along to help me get off on the right foot, I just could not have hoped for more. Even the weather has been amazing. A heat wave in Glasgow as Lostboy! AKA made his hometown debut? Wow! That was the cherry on top!

q. A particular highlight?

a. No doubt about it, the highlight for me has been witnessing how good my band is. They have gelled so unbelievably quick and that is never an easy thing to do. I am impressed by each of the musicians on stage with me and I cannot but help look forward to the future shows when we play together.

q. In the end was it really all as strange for you as we imagined given that you had never performed without Simple Minds before?

a. It certainly should have been strange, very strange. But the strangest thing was  – it really was not strange at all. I cannot say why! Somehow it seemed that I had been singing these songs for much of my life, playing with these musicians for a long time. Even in considering the fact that the venues were so tiny etc and therefore not exactly what I have been used to, it nevertheless took me no time whatsoever to get used to them. It all just slotted in instantaneously, in fact everything about Lostboy seemingly has fallen into place just like it was all meant to be. Sort of defies belief!

q. The songs worked incredibly well live, you had predicted this in advance. Right?

a. Sure. I have spent my life working with live music and I know a lot about the extra potential that can be eked out of music when about to be performed in front of a crowd. Given the chance and with the live power of these songs at his disposal, Lostboy! could become much in demand as a live act. I truly feel this.

q. When will we see Lostboy! AKA back on tour?

a. As part of the next phase of spreading the news that is necessary to introduce Lostboy! AKA to an increasing audience, there will be quite an extensive tour of UK/EUROPE later on this year. Most probably it will be around 50 dates and will kick off somewhere around the start of October. As you can imagine, based on these introductory shows that took place over the last couple of weeks, I am already looking forward.


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